Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Another week older and... less hair!!!.

Well, where has the last week gone - we're into June already! Next thing you know it will be Christmas...aaagh!!!

I taught classes most days - saw Colin off to Wales for a weeks golf with our two sons and the men he used to play golf with when we lived in the UK - went for a summer haircut - only problem is that when it is warm my hair does its own thing so keeping it longer helps to weigh down the waves but with this heat it needs to be shorter so for the next few months I will be cool but every day will be a bad hair day!! Not a problem for me as I don't look at myself ha!ha! Only looks OK in the photo as I've just got back from the hairdressers but already the fringe is waving.

This morning we had a good class. I explained the various uses of mica pigment powders - it's just a shame the photos don't show the lovely shimmer and lustre on the pieces made....

Off to give the dog and cat their dinner so
Bye for now Sue

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