Monday, May 25, 2009

little pressies

On Saturday Michele and Malcolm returned bringing little presents they had made.

Perhaps another project for a workshop???

Friday, May 22, 2009

Concussion of the mouth!!!

I wasn't able to park outside the shop this morning and wouldn't you know it but it was the day I had oodles to unload!!! Having taken the demo stuff in I went to bring in the supermarket bags - you know, water, teabags, biccies, etc and with both hands full fell backwards trying to balance on an uneven kerb and close the car door!!! I wasn't hurt - my back was just covered in loose tarmac chippings - but I think they thought I spoke English as a second or even third language as I wasn't able to get a sentence out straight!!! Talk about Concussion of the mouth!!!

Fortunately, I had already made all the pieces to demonstrate the techniques. I had taken the Melt Pot into the shop along with some Utee, some Memory glass and frames and so with fingers pointing and weird words, they got the gist of what they were to make and so I left the ladies to play while I put the kettle on.

These are Margaret's...

...and Muriel's pieces. They both loved the faux agates.

Norah was feeling the effects of a couple of strong Ibuprofen for her back and so didn't feel able to handle the Melt pot and luckily I also had on hand some Nunn design frames and embellishments so she was able to get a similar effect using Diamond Glaze.

When I tried to get a photo of them suggesting they look as if they were working they had a fit of the giggles.

Having spent the afternoon laying quietly in a darkened room - ha!ha! I wish!!! - washing brought in and ironing done - yes, that's more like - I thought I would raise my head carefully and whilst sipping lightly sweetened herbal tea allow you to laugh - not too loudly mind - at my morning!!!

Bye for now
Sue x

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Look who's popped in!!!

Well, did we have a surprise in the shop this morning. My good friend Norah and I were just putting the world to rights - well Thursday is always quiet as it's market day up in the old part of town - when in popped...

yes, the 'sticky bud queen' of Create and Craft TV (and RedHotBed) Michele Marsden and her husband Malcolm who are holidaying locally and were looking for a craft fix. So we put the kettle on and after they had browsed we all settled in for a chat. Two hours later they left promising to return.

See you soon then

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Not quite all she seems!!!

This is the third of the three canvases I initially sketched. It has got me really fired up and am ready to do more. Painting is my first love - well I have done it since my lovely late Dad showed me how as a child.

I tried to recreate the porcelain skin you so often see on natural redheads...she might look fragile but she won't break too easily!!

Is that a necklace...or could it be a tattoo???

I am now off to tidy up before I go to continue journalling with the older girls. I will try to show some of their pages later.
Bye for now

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I wonder what she's thinking!!

With helping the girls last night with their paintings I didn't manage to do any more to my own and despite a really busy morning in the shop I managed to finish. I am quite pleased with it. Hope you like it too.
Bye for now

Monday, May 18, 2009

Quick and easy but quality

Some of my ladies have been asking for quick and easy but quality Christmas cards and so here are the ones I made this morning. A couple of Paper Artsy stamps, red card and three shades of green and a dab of Stickles and voila!! 25th June taken care of.
NB - from Jume to November the 25th of the month in my shop is Christmas card making.

I have started to make matchboxes with tags inside for the 25th July but they are not quite finished. I will show those in a few days.

Tonight, the younger girls completed their paintings. I had done this class with the older girls and wasn't sure whether to give it a try with the younger ones but they mastered highlights and shadows so well. I am so pleased with them as they are only 9and 7 years of age. They have done a brilliant job. Well done girls.

Even though it is just gone 8pm it is still 25 degrees - thank goodness for air con in the shop. The sun is shining in the window and the birds are singing still.
I am now off to watch a bit of TV, have some dinner and kick off my shoes - well flip flops and relax!
Bye for now

Friday, May 15, 2009

1st try with metal

After only one class with Lin Brown quite a few years ago when I bought the tools but no metal!!!why? I know not - the tools have lain neglected and unloved until today. Last weekend Colin went to Lin's shop and bought me some metal and moulds and this afternoon I had my first play. I really enjoyed what I did although I am none too sure that it's very successful but for a first attempt! well!its OK.

I sponged some dark brown acrylic paint onto the first piece - not sure if what I was doing was right - and then wiped the surface. Unfortunately, on this piece I was a little heavy handed with the ball and cup tool with the result - holes!!!oh well!

Anyway, I had a lovely time and I still have loads more metal!!!so keep watching - it will improve.

Bye for now

Messy morning

This morning's class was lovely and messy!! I am teaching techniques on tags to keep on a book ring for reference. Notes on the back help to remember how they have done the techniques when they get home.

We distressed, stamped and sprayed before and after masking with Tims lovely masks - however, I do wish the alphabet set came with a black base on which to reposition the letters. So hard to find the correct place to replace them. Moan over - now to show the ladies work.

Chrissie's tags

Margaret's tags

Muriel's tags

Am now off to play with the metal and moulds Colin picked up for me from Lin's shop so
Bye for now Sue

Thursday, May 14, 2009

More art journalling

Just a quick look at the girls last night busy on their art journals. They have done some lovely pages already and I will take more photos next week.
Bye for now

Monday, May 11, 2009

Workshop project...

... for later in the year. Yes, due to Tanya's pushing and prodding I am not only up to date with all my work but also have almost all the samples made for the July to December workshops so thank you my friend for those bruises!!!

Here are the two sample exploding boxes I made using Distress inks and Crafty Individual images and Paper Artsy stamps.

I still have one more little house to make and a piece of jewellery to finish off and then I'm done.....but then I have 125 invitations and all the associated reply cards, name places, table plan, etc involved in daughter Victoria's wedding in October and needed for July.

Well. I'm off to bed to read a bit more of Twilight book 3 in the hope of banishing all those crafty ideas from whizzing around my head. That's my trouble, I make the samples for the class or workshop and then have another idea and so the night before end up making new samples. I really must stop making life more difficult for myself than needs be!!

Night, night, sleep tight
Sue x

my art journal

I have been working for a few weeks now on an art journal project that I started with the Wednesday girls two weeks ago. It's "My Life from a to z". I asked them to write down words that applied to them and it was interesting that they were so short of ideas and what they did come up with eventually with a little prompting. Food featured heavily and there's not a spare ounce of fat between them!!

Eight of the tiles on the front cover are heat embossed in various forms and the ninth is crackle paint (Ranger of course).

Anyway, here are a few of my pages, some finished and some in progress.

I am now off to have some supper and then I will be back with more workshop samples so
Bye for now
Sue x

Flap Book- sneak preview

I made a Flap book using the oh so subtle Delish design papers and a dash of Alcohol ink for a workshop later in the year.

I now need to add some photos, a bit of fiddling and tweaking and it will be ready.

I have also been busy with other samples for workshops - more of those later today when I have photographed them.

I have been given a friendly blog award by the lovely talented Kate, who incidentally has an article in this month's Craft Stamper magazine - such influential people do I know!! Her blog is well worth a visit as her work is so inspiring. Look at the side bar and click on The Kathryn Wheel to visit and maybe leave her a comment. We all appreciate comments in this friendly blogland of ours.

Colin returned from the UK yesterday and picked up a few Ten Second Studios goodies from Lin at LB Crafts (these are just for me, myself and I!!) I've had the tools for years, now I have the metal and moulds so I now have to make time to play...
so I'll be off then

Bye for now
Sue x