Friday, June 5, 2009

Whew it's a hot one today!!!

It is really HOT today but thanks to the air con the shop is cool so the heat tools didn't cause too much stress.

I repeated the class from Tuesday and the ladies enjoyed using the mica powders as much as those on Tuesday did. They are using tags to build up a recipe book of products and the techniques using them.

Here are today's ladies...

...and here is some of their work (I don't know why some of the photos have rotated when they uploaded??? as they are straight on my photo site.)




and last but certainly not least my good friend Norah who has sold her apartment and is deserting - going back to the UK boo!hoo! I fully understand her reasons but it doesn't mean I won't miss her loads.

Now off to do some office work - deciding what needs to be reordered,etc,etc its a hard life!!!lol!

so Bye for now
Sue x

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