Wednesday, June 24, 2009

sorry it's been so long...

...but I had a fall a week last Thursday and have been hurting like HELL!!! Finally went to the Dr's on Monday after being in agony all weekend and she sent me for X-rays yesterday. Can't see her again until tomorrow as it's fiesta here today so everywhere is closed - my shop included so day off. I'm stiff from holding myself in a position where the pain is least. Just wish this bl..dy pain would go away. Can't stand, sit, lie - don't know what to do with myself - my ladies have been lovely as I carried on with the classes only cancelling Monday kidz club as the show must go on, etc...but you just can't think straight when you are like this. Thank goodness I learned to yoga breathe years ago. That helps with my fibromyalgia which I live with on a daily basis but this is just something else.

'Norah's leaving do' Some students old and new went for a Chinese yesterday lunchtime.

from front clockwise - Christine, Q, Norah,Lynda, Janet, (Norah's niece Katie taking photo),Muriel, me ,Erica - Lorraine joined us later

My lovely friend, Norah leaves Spain on the 1st July as she has sold her apartment - it is right above my shop so she calls in daily to see if I want a newspaper or bananas or a duvet cover taking to the laundry. I shall miss her so much, she was my first ever student and still comes to classes and dispenses her Yorkshire humour with a helping hand when it's needed.

I must get down to doing some more work but when the brain is frazzled it is very hard to concentrate on anything. Hopefully the tablets will kick in soon! very soon, VERY VERY SOON!!!!!

Anyway, off to try to relax

Bye for now
Sue x

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tanya watts said...

og dear! i can imagine (can't i evva lol!)

hope it is nothing serious and lasting!!!!

my 'injury' has now turned into a full blown syndrom of Sudeck! a complicatio nthat can happen after surgery! trust me to get that huh! i never win the lottery!
i am sure you will miss Norah!!! say hi to her for me! wish he all the best back in the UK