Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What a way to spend a day!!!

Yesterday for the class I set them a challenge - they could only use what I had put out for them and they had to make a card based on the sketch I had drawn. It was interesting to see what different ideas and slants they put on them.
I gave them loads of different colour pieces of card and paper, both patterned and plain, every Distress ink pad, a pot of clear embossing powder and a selection of Paper Artsy and Blonde Moments stamps and that was it.

The sketch was fairly simple - they could use reels of tape or ribbon or pots to draw the circles out with and then just add their own imagination.

This was the sketch and my card

and Christine's

So there I am with my new Cannon IXUS801S (which is fantastic after my old cheapo camera expired) taking photos of the cards when up popped a message - Charge battery - and it promptly switched off!!! so no way of taking photos of the other cards.

As Norah lives in an apartment above the shop ahe popped in with her card today and I was able to photograph it with my now recharged camera but as Erica lives miles away unless I can get her to email it to me you will have to make do with seeing her discuss with the others how/where to embellish her card.

After class I planned to drive to Ikea which happens to be almost 2 hours drive away to buy some new chairs for the shop and a couple of other bits for myself and Norah had offered to accompany me so off we go. Two hours later after an uneventful journey down the motorway we pull into the Ikea car park to realise it was very quiet, eerily quiet in fact!!! so we park up and get out, walk to the front doors and lo and behold there is a large notice proclaiming they were closed for Murcia Regional Day - how much of a b....r is that!!!

Not only were Ikea closed but so were all the other shops so no visit to Primark or anywhere else. We decided we needed to eat so dropped into Pizza Hut and had a really lovely meal of spinach and three cheese tortellini - the service was diabolical and the music worth listening to but SO LOUD!!! it made your ears hurt!!! and then another two hour journey home. What a way to spend a day - a very HOT day at that so thank goodness for air con in the car.

Bye for now
Sue x

PS Erica has now emailed me a copy of her card so here it is

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