Thursday, July 30, 2009


The son and grandchildren have gone! the Wedding stationery for daughter Victoria has gone! Colin has gone! ...and my energy has GONE! - departed, left and is well and truly missing!!!

Victoria was happy with the Wedding stationery - there were 134 Invitations, stamped front and inside, 70 Order of Service covers, 125 place settings and 125 reply postcards again all hand stamped.

Colin took the stationery to England on Tuesday. He also went to help my Mum with her house move scheduled for 7th August and to see what if anything else needs putting in place for his 91 yr old Father who has senile dementia and is still living alone in his own home. Colin is "really looking forward" - NOT! to the next couple of weeks...especially as he will not be playing any golf - withdrawal symptoms we understand only too well, don't we girls!!

Abigail and Josh are an absolute joy to have here...

... but now they are gone I am sooo tired! We speak every Thursday so I will be phoning them tonight. Must get Abigail (David Bailey watch out!) to take photos of the gorgeous album they made while they were here.

Abigail came to both the Monday and Wednesday craft clubs for the youngsters - here's Melissa, Abigail and Yaa hard at work.

Just noticed the time so must go - will blog more later as I only open the shop mornings on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

so Bye for now
Sue x

Monday, July 20, 2009

Fabulous group of little people tonight. They worked extremely hard and made two 6 x 6 scrapbook pages each using Marvy wet look markers and clear embossing powder. The delight in their eyes when the powder melts is a true joy. This is one of the reasons I love to teach. I am home extremely tired but very happy. I was so involved with them that when the Mums came I completely forgot to photograph the pages!!! Doh!They used the Clarity Mermaid stamp and an old flipflop stamp of mine I forget who its made by - the Mermaid page as they all swim and the flip flops - well you guessed it!!

Abs and Josh are still here and as I don't see them very often I have to make the most of what little time I do get with them. Abs nagged my son Lee, until he gave in and booked flights - "girl power rules OK!!!" so they are here until late on Sunday.

Well, gotta go, pizza calling, then swim, another game where you name a series of things from a to z (we have done boys names, girls names, cars, birds, flowers, fruit and veg, furniture, football clubs, relatives, - any more suggestions welcome please) and then bed.
Bye for now

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Yes, they are done.

I'm back in the land of the living, thank goodness.

I mentioned in my last post -how many days ago??? that I had to finish my daughter's Wedding Invitations and I have! Whew! Yes, they are done! All 125 of them.

Many thanks must go to ..... drum roll.....

...Ems (Dyan's daughter) who speedily came to my rescue with that dark green card

...Yaa and her sister who came to the shop Thursday afternoon at such short notice and who cut ribbon lengths and attached double sided tape to the backs of sooooo many pieces of card

...Muriel who located the beautiful ribbon in England.

Stars, every one!

I still have to complete the Order of Service covers but the stamping and heat embossing is done - it just needs matting and layering and attaching. I am hoping that they will be ready to go with Colin to the UK on 27th July but if not they will go with me when I go to the Wedding in October.


I am SO HAPPY because my son and his two gorgeous children Abigail (9) and Joshua (7)arrived from Scotland last night - hence the rush as I wanted time to play with them as I see them so rarely. (Sorry Tanya and Norah for the lack of communication but you can now see why)

This is them leaving Dunfermline 11.30 yesterday morning.....

...and this is them at 8.30 last night.

I was woken this morning with.....
"Granny, can you get up so we can go in the pool"

and then with Grampy gone to golf and Daddy relaxing in the hammock they came to the shop for some arty play.

Abs stamped, heat embossed and painted with the lovely Blonde Moments mica pigments.

Josh made a little house - first time heat embossing - fabby job Joshie!!

...put bugs on the roof!! and drew and stuck pictures behind fragments for door and windows.

and then Granny said "lets get messy" so out came the spray inks and we sprayed and screwed up pieces of copy paper

and added heat embossing and then stuck them to card as covers for a holiday album.

and now Grampy has taken them to the beach for "quality time".

At the end of the month I may get some "quality time" to do something for myself but in the meantime I will just enjoy these delightful little people.

so Bye for now

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Gota fria - a tropical storm

The rain I mentioned last Thursday turned out to be a gota fria which literally means cloudburst and it rained and rained and rained for hours on end and in Javea we had 92cms in a sq metre compared to other towns such as nearby Denia which had 21 and Benissa which had 52 so you can see things got quite WET here!!! The last gota fria we had was in October 2007 and it caused great havoc - see Youtube for videos - many buildings were flooded, boats moored on the canal were swept out to sea and cars written off. This one was nowhere hear as severe. My shop is slightly higher than those on the other side of the road so I only had a dribble of water which I nevertheless had to mop up three times - last time some shops were knee deep in water and underground parking in apartment blocks had to have the water pumped out. So it has been quite a weekend here.

One absolutely fabulous thing arrived - I asked Dyan, she of Art fromn the Heart fame, to help me out with dark green cardstock for the wedding stationery I am making for my daughter who is getting married in October and look at what I found when it arrived. Isn't it so beautiful - I didn't want to unwrap it. The heart will go to my daughter in October.

220 stamped and heat embossed (pine needles and evergreen) images have to become 220 panels for the fronts of Invitations and Order of Service etc, and they are still not finished yet! That lot took 4 hours!!!and that was just the trimming and matting and layering - my lovely friend Norah and I had previously spent a whole morning making the panels, me stamping and sprinkling and she wielding the heat gun!!!

Well, life goes on rain or shine and I must go to the shop now so back later.
Bye for now Sue

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Full house

Yes, last night was a full house for the class. I never know from one week to the next how many are coming and that's no problem - it was hectic but great fun. They made the litle books that house atc's and a couple of them even made a few atc's.

Yaa and Molly

Melissa, Tiri, Justin and JJ







It started to rain last night which for holidaymakers was probably not good but for the rest of us it was great. It has been soooo HOT here lately and the refreshing relief of rain feels so good. Mind you, there is a rumble of thunder in the air too so Bailey is keeping very close. I might have to take him with me to the shop as he is not one for loud noises. The window beside me is wide open and the breeze coming through is wonderful.

Uh!oh! Just noticed the time so have to go. Bye for now Sue

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Computer is fixed - fingers crossed!!!

Here is the photo from last night's class of the youngsters making little books to house the atc's they made last week.

Seems like the browser was at fault in the main computer and the hard drive in the laptop - coincidence or what that they both decided to go at the same time!- and now the computer is up and running again I have a bit of catching up to do so
Bye for now

Monday, July 6, 2009

Houston, we have a problem!!!

Last week we had a problem with the computer breaking down and having to go to be repaired - that was Thursday - and so Colin brought the laptop from the shop. Well, wouldn't you know it - we came down Friday morning and that had decided not to work too!!! so on Saturday that went in for repair. We have the main computer back but it is still not right and has to go back again tomorrow so I will blog now while I still have the chance!!

Tonight's class was really good and Emily brought a friend, Sina who is visiting from Germany. The girls work so hard and considering their young age they do extremely well. We made a little book to store the atc's that we made last week.

Here they are all working hard... Well I had planned on showing the photos I took but "it"!!! will not let me so that will have to wait till "it" is finally mended.

so Bye for now (for who knows how long)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ggggrrr!!! Computers!!!!!

Computers may be wonderful but they are a bl...y nuisance when you need them and they don't work. We had a two hour electricity power cut yesterday and then the computer wouldn't work and so after over 24 hrs computerless Colin ended up taking it in to the repair place tonight. To cope with the withdrawal symptoms(how sad is that??) on his way back he popped into the shop to pick up my laptop.

I have some photos of last nights class where they made little houses - thanks Tanya for your hard work making the samples when you were here at Easter. Mind you, once you have made one they are just like crafting - very addictive!! I'll take photos of my mini town tomorrow and show them then...but for now here are some the kidz made last night. To decorate them they used Marvy Marker wet look pens with clear embossing powder and as three of them had never crafted before they were amazed at the heat embossing.

This is Melissa just before glueing her roof on...

and Yaa brought two friends who were staying here in Spain

here's Tiri with her gorgeous candy pink striped house

and her brother JJ the little cutie

Yaa's houses will be finished next week...

Well, its 10.30 ish at night and still so HOT!!!I think I will now go and have a skinny dip in the dark - skinny - who me?? I think not but will anyway!!! ha!ha!
Bye for now Sue