Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A bit of fun

I bought a 7 Gypsies book when I visited Dyan at Art from the Heart a week or two back...
here's a couple of pages sprayed with her Dylusions inks and stamped with one of the Stampotique stamps I bought from her and a bit of stitching...
it will have some journalling at some later stage when time permits...
and this is the cover of the book and some tags and tissue tape I altered with Dyan's inks - and yes they do stain your fingers!!!but they are so much fun... and finally, its a hard life, but somebody's got to do it..... Well, I was asleep.... Bye for now

Friday, September 24, 2010

a new album

(this page got somehow deleted and won't let me put it back where it belongs...)
Saw the Dr this morning and he gave a clean bill of health to my lungs, its just that I have been left with this irritating tickly, cough thingy in my throat. Imagine clearing your throat a million times a day and that's it - very annoying.
So onto this weeks class - well for the next couple of weeks - a black and white album. I had decided I needed to do a new album and one of the girls had commented how many of her photos were brightly coloured and a black and white album would set them off nicely so putting two and two together this is what I came up with.
The front cover is a mixture of stamping, heat embossing, stippling, masking and different ways of colouring texture embossing.

a pocket and tag and a diecut bird and cage and a messy bit with some flowers...I'll tell you how to do this one next week ladies...I just love this Tim bird stamp and with a couple of pockets and tags and flowers...

here is where the deleted photo should be!!!
This is true black and white...
some ribbled mosaic and more flowersa textured pocket, a couple of tags and some painty, doodly stuff...

some stencilled stars..

some stamping and stuff with paint - stuff is my 8 year old grandson's favourite word when asked what he has been doing... a few little houses... A beautiful Tim Holtz flourish and some more painty stuff... some more stamping and heat embossing and stencillinga die cut frame and yet more flowers, a bit of doodling and an envelope for keeping momentos... back cover complete with die cut flowers and ricrac pierced and stitched Bind it, tie on a few ribbons and there you have it - the completed album

So here's this mornings ladies - Q, Diane, Brenda, Jean, Margaret and my lovely friend and helper Lorraine all making the front cover. Diane and Jean are both here on holiday and were able to learn the techniques without making the whole album and still take a lovely piece of work home. The photo was taken well over finishing time but well who's clock watching - sadly that's why Eileen is not on the photo as she had gone by this time Bye for now


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cough, cough, cough.....

Just a quick post - have bronchitis, feel limp and sweaty, all energy going into keeping the shop open and classes going so nothing to post. Am on 2nd course of antibiotics and got to have chest x-ray on Tuesday so back to bed for me...

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Quick precis of my trip

Just a quick update on my trip...

flew Alicante to Maastricht on Thursday afternoon and was met and driven to Belgium

woke up on Friday and Tanya said "you look awful" ,had a throatful of golfballs, throbbing head and earache but still drove to Ghent and back

drove to Holland on Saturday
and visited Kars on Sunday and Monday and then drove back to Belgium

Tuesday was a rest???day - Tanya's cleaning lady and physical therapist came, the man came to read the electric meter and a phonecall from Customs had Tanya on the phone for ages - so much for peace and quiet!

Wednesday Tanya called the Dr out as she was still ill and he prescribed me antibiotics after he heard me coughing and told me I had bronchitis
Wednesday I flew from Brussels to Leeds/Bradford, popped in to Harrogate and then drove on to Redcar

Thursday I drove to Whitby and sightsaw and shopped,
Friday I drove into Redcar and shopped some more and crafted and played two games of Scrabble

and here's a few photos of those last ten days....

Tanya had a tall slim Italian and I had a laughing siren when we arrived at the hotel in Holland...
This are the nine small canvases Tanya had made for Kars and was demoing...Aren't these two just adorable...they belong to two members of staff at Kars...and Anita I will forward the photo to you later today... The Mum in this photo is Sharon - she actually has seven children!! here she is with hubby and six of them and doesn't look old enough to be a mother let alone a grandmother and her Prima layouts were gorgeous.... Diana and I had a long chat about how she retrained at the age of 45 and set up the Graphic 45 range.....she is a Mum of 6!! how do these American ladies do it??? The Graphic 45 stand was just awesome...that's Diana and one of her daughters Amy... Re-acquainted myself with these two lovely ladies - Marsha and Liesbeth...and Mariska Here's Tanya's three still living at home - Robin 9, Bart 20 and Estee 7..... Wednesday 8th is my birthday and Tanya really wasn't up to making me a birthday card so she gave me one of the tags I watched her make for Kars when I was staying with her in February and which features on the cover of their magazine and also on their newsletter... Dropped in on Dyan - couldn't pass within 4 miles of Art From The Heart and not stop and say hello now could I....
Here's Dyan teaching her older girls the wonders of spraying with her new inks..... couldn't resist buying some for myself but she still won't let me have some wholesale for my ladies - you will just have to order them direct from afth...
Persuaded Sharon at Prima to let me have a spare make n take for Norah. my lovely friend in Redcar who is battling colon cancer and the chemo is making her hands and feet raw and skinless.... We had a lovely afternoon spraying Dyan's inks on a 7 gypsies book and tags - I will put those photos on tomorrow.....then off to Norah's local for dinner.just look at that home-made burger Caught in a traffic jam on the road to Newcastle airport I grabbed the camera and took a photo of the Angel of the North -hadn't expected it to be quite so close

Well, you didn't expect a short precis did you - after all I have been away for ten days!!!
Bye for now