Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mum and Chris

My Mum (right) has been staying for the past week with her friend Chris. They are both widows and are good company for one another. Chris naturally saw some of my art work around the house and asked how to make the gift bags.

She came to class yesterday while Colin took Mum to a local market in Moraira. Margaret came to class as usual bringing her Norwegan granddaughter Charlotte and I showed them the technique of firstly making an envelope and then converting it into a gift bag all from a 12 x 12 sheet of card. I then challenged them to see if they had listened and gave them a plain A5 envelope to decorate and make into a bag themselves and here are the results. I think they did exceptionally well.

Mum and Chris fly back to the UK tomorrow so I will go and give them some attention while I can - Mum's house is up for sale and she will be joining us out here when it is sold. She is 84 and is fit and healthy but getting quite worried about simple things like light bulbs needing replacing and the garden and burglars and such..

so Bye for now
Sue x

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Exploding boxes

Having spent most of the little free time I had yesterday replacing photos I will update my blog later today but will just share a photo of the girls from last night. They made an exploding box - not a lick 'n' stick one but one polished with Ranger's Distress Ink pads on blending foam and then stamped with the lovely Crafty Individual stamps. I've said it before but I really enjoy my Wednesday evenings - they are such lovely girls - talented and such fun.

Well off to have a shower and then open the shop so
Bye for now
Sue x

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I somehow managed to remove almost all the photos from my blog when attempting to install a slideshow.....and have just spent the last 2 hours putting photos back on....with only 12 posts done so far!
Now off to have some fun with the Wednesday girls - no idea what we will be doing tonight.......
Mum and her friend are here, Tanya's not long gone and so many classes and workshops over the past couple of weeks and with the samples for the last 6 months of the year almost made (Tanya please note) I've barely had time to breathe lately!!!
Gotta go
Bye for now
Sue x

Saturday, April 18, 2009

atc's from Wednesdays workshop.

top row - mine
2nd row - Tanya
3rd row - Norah
4th row - Erica
5th row - Christine
6th row - Katharine

The left one was done with alcohol inks, middle one was pre-stamped with three flower images and right one was Tim's spritz and flick technique.

My Mum and her friend are arriving tonmorrow for a week's holiday so off to tidy the house, make up beds, etc so
Bye for now
Sue x

Friday, April 17, 2009

Today part 3

I have just got home from a workshop I did this afternoon. The ladies who go to Lesley's craft group really enjoyed making the set of 5 tags using Grungeboard and Tim's masks. I went to take a photo of the 12 ladies who attended but had forgotten my camera!! I either forget my camera or take it and forget to use it!!! no hope really! I did take a photo of them with another camera but need to wait till the photo is emailed to me.

Anyway, that's my day so far - the rest of it will be spent putting my feet up reading or watching TV. Colin does the cooking in this house so no idea what's for dinner. Oh!I forgot, my friend Ros is coming later to play cards so nothing strenuous so
Bye for now
Sue x

Today part 2

Margaret brought her Norwegan granddaughter Charlotte to class this morning and so I showed her the technique to making a mini book and while not saying a word she settled down and made a beautiful little book - she is obviously very artistic.

Margaret did some more to the mini book she started last week and then discovered the Big Shot and had a play with that cutting out both their names.

She also very kindly cut out some Grungeboard flowers for a workshop I am doing this afternoon...much appreciated Margaret ...more on that later in part 3.

Well, I'll just grab a piece of cheese and an apple and then I must be off to the next workshop...go,go go!!! but all with a smile....whistle while you work! whistle while you work! lalalala lalalala and whistle while you work!!!
Bye for now
Sue x

Wednesday 15th was a hectic day...

...I opened the shop as usual at 10am and then at 12 noon the five hour monthly workshop kicked off with 4 lovely ladies and Tanya and myself. We made a black and white star book with atc's to go inside the pockets. Unfortunately we were so involved I forgot to take photos during the day but will put photos of the atc's on here as soon as I can. Photos are here now

Before all the ladies had left the girls were there for a 5.30 start to finish the canvases they have been working on

Ellen returned with a friend so they learnt to draw doll faces under the tutelage of Tanya while I helped the other girls to add the finishing touches. I think they are all so fabulous...and they went home pleased too. Megan has returned to the UK with hers in bubble wrap - see you in July Megan.

I made Tanya smile/pull a face as I said "say sausages" as I took the photo!! Shan't say sorry for that as I shall get another bruise!!!!!

Gotta go - shop to open and two more classes today so
Bye for now
Sue x

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Had a lazy day today

Really enjoying having Tanya here. Colin went off early to his second - no make that first!!! home so Tanya and I had a very lazy day today. We got up late, sat outside in pj's just chatting in the sunshine, went to the golf club for lunch with Colin - Spanish omelette and salad - very good it was too and then mooched about for the rest of the day. Tanya's ankle is very swollen and painful still from the trip we made up Montgo (local mountain that looks like an elephant) yesterday and walking over stony ground up there so she has requisitioned Colin's massage chair as her own for the duration - see yesterdays blog for photo.

Just a few piccies showing an orange from the tree to the person....

The oranges on this tree are huge and so sweet and from the last crop and as you can see the next crop will be forming soon with the blossom covering it. The window behind Tanya in the photo is her bedroom and the gorgeous smell of orange blossom wafts in.

"drink madam"

Tanya and Colin get on so well which is fantastic as they had never met before.
We have all laughed, pulled each others legs and generally had a fantastic time. We have played with the melt pot, Utee and Perfect pearls - well not Colin that bit!!!, shared ideas and views on life and lots of other topics, played bowling on the Wii and tonight Tanya and I watched the recording of Tim and Suze on QVC from earlier this year.

She has now retired to bed with Hot chocolate topped up with Baileys and I am going to do the same so
Bye for now Sue x

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday with Tanya

We had a brilliant day today. This morning with the sun shining in the bright blue sky Tanya and I got out the melt pot and made Leandra beads...

...and then Tanya, Colin and myself went to a nearby small town called Moraira where friends of ours have a restaurant and had an excellent meal... as you can see Tanya is showing her appreciation of Colin driving us there!!!!...

...and then we went to the lighthouse on Cap Sant Antonio where Tanya excelled herself by walking so far on such rough ground with her still badly swollen and damaged ankle...

...hey! wait for me...

...we returned home for a cuppa and Colin insisted Tanya experienced his massage chair... complete with his tenderly applied wine cooler sleeve as an ice pack...

...after tea we watched two shows of Weakest Link whilst attempting unsuccessfully Soduko puzzles - bl.... silly things!!!....and so to bed with a mug of hot chocolate laced with Baileys! delicious!!

All in all a most brilliant day and the weather was lovely and warm unlike yesterday when the wind was positively icy.

Right off to bed with my hot toddy
Bye for now Sue x

Tanya is here

Picked Tanya up from the airport yesterday and as she has had her box I can reveal it

and this is the inside

We went to Jalon today (inland about 30 minutes) to a Rastro which is a collection of stalls selling all things old and new. I bought some lovely old keys and escutcheons

Tanya bought a tiny antique silver magnifying glass which is just so pretty - visit her blog to see it - or maybe tomorrow but well worth viewing.

Later we went for a cocktail at the Arenal.

Playtime tomorrow for us. As its 1.30 am I am off to bed so
Bye for now Sue x

Thursday, April 9, 2009

50th post - a small but significant milestone

Had a day off today as Easter approaches. The weather was glorious and as I rarely get a chance to go into the Old Town I went to the market for vegetables. There is just so much traffic - we are used to just a few vehicles around the place and there were queues everywhere! Muchas turistas!!
Some of the Spanish stall holders were on strike with placards and a small Police presence. The market has been relocated back into the Old Town but on split sites which appears not to please some hence the strike.

Mooched around in various other shops, bought some freshly baked hot cross buns in the English bakers, went to Humpty Dumpty for my newspaper and to buy a pencil eraser (touching nose to Tanya - you'll have to wait and see! don't think the sneaky peek will help!!!ha!ha!)

All will be revealed tomorrow when the recipient has seen it!!..

The sky is blue, the sun is shining - its 20 odd degrees - and all's right with the world - well my little world anyway - just off to finish the ironing, water a few plants and kick off my flip-flops and finish (in the sun - just thought I'd rub that in for those in cold and grey UK) the Penny Vicente trilogy I have been reading for the last couple of weeks (the one about the Lytton book dynasty)

Having heard so much about them I bought the first two books in the Twilight series and can't wait to start them - hoped to be able to talk to Tanya about them as she has read them already. So better be going then and make the most of this rare day off....
Bye for now
Sue xx

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This morning the ladies asked if we could colour dominoes and matchboxes with Alcohol inks.

Of course, I was delighted as I just love playing with any Ranger product but especially their gorgeous Alcohol inks. I got so engrossed that I forgot to put the kettle on until quarter to twelve!!!! Class is 10.30 till 12.30 so nearly home time although classes often don't finish till 1.00 or later!! I am very easy going especially if I too am enjoying myself. Suppose I should be more business like but......well maybe next week, next month.....

These are Norah's

and these are Erica's

The photos don't do the colours justice at all as they really are bright and they look quite muddy.

Erica brought in the mini book she started in class last week that she had finished at home. She has made it for her two granddaughters and it is really lovely. The Crafty Individual papers and pictures are just perfect for this project. Add in a little charm or two and a piece of ribbon et voila! or aqui tienes as we say in Spain!!

A clap of thunder and a few flashes of lightning are putting this post in danger of being lost so I'll sign off for now and hopefully return later. Whoops another crash and flash!!! Bye!!! xx

Sophie's last kidz club

Sadly, Sophie (right)is returning to the UK - recession and all that... so we made ATC's and traded them...and we had kiddie champagne and chocolate chip cakes for break.

and here are the ATC's we made courtesy of a technique nicked from Dyan (Art from the heart) Reaveley. Thanks Dyan x

Gotta go - shop to open, class to teach - continuation of a mini book started last week. maybe photos later.
Bye for now Sue xx

Monday, April 6, 2009

Colin's Birthday - so no artwork this weekend

It was Colin's birthday on Saturday. I'd bought him a cake for when he came home from golf so I dashed in, couldn't find a candle so used a thingy instead and just made it before he got home and then later............. friend Ros came to play cards and brought some gooey sticky absolutely delicious 1000 calories a look chocolate cake!! Here's Colin and Ros not enjoying it at all!!!

Ros and her family (11 of us in total) went for a birthday meal Sunday lunchtime - bit chaotic so no photos got taken unfortunately - but the sun shone and the food was good.

Hence no artwork this weekend. Tanya is coming on Friday so hopefully loads of time to remedy this.

Bye for now Sue xx

A pressie for me

My lovely friend Norah is back from a week's trip to Almuneca, Granada and the Alhambra Palace - all very Moorish and she brought me back a pressie! A lovely notebook with such smooth clean white pages - very strokeable - she however, bought it because of the pretty cover!! I shall use it for sketching.

This is the beautiful Wedding invitation she made for her niece's wedding in September.

Now off to have some lunch before back to shop for Monday kidz club - very sad as Sophie is returning to the UK permanently. Shall miss her.

Bye for now Sue xx

Friday, April 3, 2009

Weather - very confusing!

This one is for you Tanya

At the weekend last Sunday it rained and rained and rained all day and the next - grey skies - stay in bed snuggled up with a good book weather.

Tuesday 10am as I opened the shop I thought this is so cold I wouldn't be surprised if it snowed - you know that kind of bbrrrr!.....but... by midday the sun was out the sky was blue and I took my fleece off and drove home in a very happy mood. Don't know if you can buy these in M&S with the fleeces!!!!

Wednesday and yesterday were glorious - at long last the weather has broken customers said. Jumpers off and t-shirts on. All the washing done and dried outdoors mmm!- love the smell of freshly washed things.

Last night my good friend Ros came and played cards and we sat in the naya (Spanish conservatory) and when she left just after midnight - well nearer one actually!! it was raining again....and this morning I woke up to grey skies and rain.....again!!!!! GGGGRRRRRR!!!! just so bl...y fed up with it!

Anyway, rant over - got a shop to open and a class to teach so gotta go!
Bye for now
Sue x

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

...later today

yes, I'm back. The girls made a really good start tonight but took longer than I had imagined sketching and so they didn't get as far as I hoped they might. However, each canvas has a first coat of paint which is a good start... and how different they all are. I'm so pleased the girls are all such individuals with their own ideas. Next week will be the really fun part adding shadows and highlights and other bits and bobs.
Here's a glimpse of their unfinished work...

...and I decided I would tackle this one...

isn't it funny when you see your work on here you can instantly see what's wrong with it, luckily as it's not finished I can alter it next week!!.

One of the girls brings her phone so we have music while we work - sometimes good, sometimes not so good!!! but they're all such lovely girls and I really enjoy my Wednesday evenings with them. Such a shame Ellen is taking a few weeks break she would have loved this project.

Oh well. time to catch up with others in blogland so
bye for now
Sue x

Quick peek at tonight's project

Just a quick peek at what the girls will be having a go at tonight. For the last two weeks they have been learning about faces - the 3d ness of them. How eyes fit and where etc and drawn loads of sketches and talked over ideas for hair and backgrounds and so tonight we have canvas, we have paint and rubber stamps and inks and Stickles of course and all sorts of other bits and bobs. I explained the concept of mixed media to them and so they are eager to try. Can't wait - I want to do more myself so very self-indulgent reasons for choice!!

These two canvases are sketched out and ready for me to show the steps of adding paint and then other medium.

Just been handed a sausage bap by DH so will go and eat it and come back tonight to let you see finished?? artwork.

Bye Sue x