Thursday, June 4, 2009

We need a new name

These are some of the lovely girls that come to my kidz classes. They are young ladies really so perhaps I should rename it. Think I'll have to ask them to come up with a new name - The Wednesday club or The young ladies group, etc...

For the past few weeks we have been learning about journalling and here are some more of their pages from their "My Life from a to z" journals....

"BIG"?? This is ironic as Molly (centre) is so dinky - but she hasn't yet written the word personality on there!! She is also very bright and bubbly, goes to ballet classes...but where the bricks fit into her life I am not too sure???

Mar (left) is letting her imagination run wild Spanish style with Grungeboard letters, Distress Inks and a stippling brush...and discovering Wet Look Markers and heat embossing changed her life - she is 9 and "in love"!!

Looking at the cool, calm Yaa'a pages doesn't seem to describe her at all. Live, love laugh and lucky - yes - but dark dreams?? Must ask her next week?

She is the darling that helps me out when my bad Spanish fails me and hand signals mean nothing to Mar. Well actually all the girls come to my rescue at times so thanks girls - your help really means a lot.

Here's my J page and my y and z pages( maybe unfinished,not sure yet). I did the easier ones first and now I am left with the u, v and g - surprisingly enough this is proving difficult.

I absolutely adore the smell of Grungeboard - open a pack and out floats a mmmm! moment for me - new handbags and shoes mmmmm!! can't beat the smell of leather!!! but none of the girls like the smell. I tried to get a photo of Yaa grimacing at it but when I picked up the camera she dissolved into a fit of the giggles.

Then home, feed the dog, cat, myself, bring in and fold the washing, water the plants in pots and collapse in front of the TV without caring what's on!! Barely sat down, then lock up, go to bed and who should guard me in Colin's absence but....yes the dog and the cat!!!

Mind you Tia didn't like it when I put the bedroom light on!

I had a quiet morning in the shop and tonight with my good friend Norah am off to watch a festival at Mar's school (she is contamination!! no idea why - too complicated to ask) with lots of singing and dancing and all ages there - a really family friendly occasion.

I will go and feed Bailey and Tia, myself - I am on a fruit day today as I felt bloated yesterday - must give up the bread again - fruit is so tasty here as there is no regulation shapes or sizes as in the UK and it's more natural.

so Bye for now
Sue x

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