Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bocairent - where is that???

Colin said did I fancy a day out as he'd been told that Bocairent was a nice place to visit. It's a small medieval town in the mountains around 100 Km away.

On the way there we stopped at Gandia as I had been told I might be able to buy a Mother of the Bride outfit there so after driving fruitlessly around and around the town we just headed for the playa where we had a walk along the seafront and a lovely lunch.

Some time later,we were driving up a mountain side road when we spotted all these cars parked at the side of the road on quite a bend so of course we had to stop and have a look!!!

They were swimming and sunbathing in this little hidden oasis. If you click on the photo you'll see the road!

Then we drove inland up into the mountains. As we approched Bocairent it seemed to be hung from a hill.

We drove into the town and parked in a small square where we had ice creams...

...and then walked up the hill to the front of the church....

...then Colin took Bailey to look at the map to see which way was out....

...and then we drove home. A day out like this is so good because I am not constantly thinking Oh I could do this with the ladies on Tuesday or that with the girls tomorrow, etc. Its a real switch off which I don't often have. It has been 31-33 degrees all day so I am now going to round off my lovely day with a quick dip in the pool, put my pj's on and flop in front of the cricket on the TV. Sadly England are looking likely to be going home.

Bye for now

Stop press - England cricketers have just beaten World Champions India who are going home instead and they live on to play another day!!!

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