Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A day of mixed emotions

I thought as I am regularly asked about the different ink pads I would teach a class on this. On glossy card we started with Versamark and stamped and heat embossed and then blended the Distress inks and then stamped over with Brilliance and Stazon. As we moved from one ink to another I explained the differences.

the results don't show up as well as I would have liked but in real they are lovely.

Christine took to this like a duck to water and raced away...

..and Lynda was very adventurous and the bolder colours really show the effects well...(but why the photo has flipped on its side I know not)

...and Norah stepped well out of her usual comfort zone of green, green or green!!!

Today was Norah's really, really last day living in Spain and she came to class as usual. She collects boxes and so I made her a personalised one - green of course!

It is painted with Dabber (lettuce), stamped with her favourite Tim's "cow parsley" flowers, copper, silver and gold leafed, with a grungeboard name and flowers and leaves, a picture out of Suze's book and a couple of jewels. A little bit "ott" but she loved it.

On the inside is a lovely verse and all the things relevant to the verse...you should be able to read it if you click on the picture of the inside of the box

Thanks Christine for taking a photo of the two of us - a lovely reminder - not that I shall ever need one. Norah is a lovely lady with a heart of gold, who makes a fabulous lemon curd, has a wicked sense of humour with her Yorkshire common sense and we have shared laughs, pain, and mad days out!!! and I shall miss her loads and loads...and when you are reading this when you get back to the UK Norah I hope it makes you sad that you have deserted me - do I care!!! flicks hair!! Lol!

We went to a restaurant on the beach for lunch after which Lorraine joined us and we moved to another watering hole on the Arenal for more and then more drinks. We sat overlooking the sandy beach and watching the boys jumping into the sea from the steps in front of us and just people watching and chatting until we suddenly realised a quick lunch had taken us to 6.30pm!!! Whoops - better get on - Lorraine back to her family, me to see if Colin was OK (course he was - take him a cake and he won't know he missed me!!) and Norah for last minute bits and bobs still to do. I had to be firm with her when I dropped her home to stop the tears which were threatening to flow.

And I now have to face the fact that there will be no more cheery face popping her head in saying "shall I get you a paper". It will be very lonely from tomorrow,
but you know I wish you every good thing possible. Love and huge hugs xxx

so Bye for now Sue

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tanya watts said...

it is such a shame that Norah has gone! i know how much you enjoyed eachother's company!

big hug! xox

you too Norah! take care up in Yorkshire!!!! xox

love, tanya