Wednesday, April 1, 2009

...later today

yes, I'm back. The girls made a really good start tonight but took longer than I had imagined sketching and so they didn't get as far as I hoped they might. However, each canvas has a first coat of paint which is a good start... and how different they all are. I'm so pleased the girls are all such individuals with their own ideas. Next week will be the really fun part adding shadows and highlights and other bits and bobs.
Here's a glimpse of their unfinished work...

...and I decided I would tackle this one...

isn't it funny when you see your work on here you can instantly see what's wrong with it, luckily as it's not finished I can alter it next week!!.

One of the girls brings her phone so we have music while we work - sometimes good, sometimes not so good!!! but they're all such lovely girls and I really enjoy my Wednesday evenings with them. Such a shame Ellen is taking a few weeks break she would have loved this project.

Oh well. time to catch up with others in blogland so
bye for now
Sue x

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