Friday, April 17, 2009

Wednesday 15th was a hectic day...

...I opened the shop as usual at 10am and then at 12 noon the five hour monthly workshop kicked off with 4 lovely ladies and Tanya and myself. We made a black and white star book with atc's to go inside the pockets. Unfortunately we were so involved I forgot to take photos during the day but will put photos of the atc's on here as soon as I can. Photos are here now

Before all the ladies had left the girls were there for a 5.30 start to finish the canvases they have been working on

Ellen returned with a friend so they learnt to draw doll faces under the tutelage of Tanya while I helped the other girls to add the finishing touches. I think they are all so fabulous...and they went home pleased too. Megan has returned to the UK with hers in bubble wrap - see you in July Megan.

I made Tanya smile/pull a face as I said "say sausages" as I took the photo!! Shan't say sorry for that as I shall get another bruise!!!!!

Gotta go - shop to open and two more classes today so
Bye for now
Sue x

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