Friday, April 17, 2009

Today part 2

Margaret brought her Norwegan granddaughter Charlotte to class this morning and so I showed her the technique to making a mini book and while not saying a word she settled down and made a beautiful little book - she is obviously very artistic.

Margaret did some more to the mini book she started last week and then discovered the Big Shot and had a play with that cutting out both their names.

She also very kindly cut out some Grungeboard flowers for a workshop I am doing this afternoon...much appreciated Margaret ...more on that later in part 3.

Well, I'll just grab a piece of cheese and an apple and then I must be off to the next workshop...go,go go!!! but all with a smile....whistle while you work! whistle while you work! lalalala lalalala and whistle while you work!!!
Bye for now
Sue x

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