Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Had a lazy day today

Really enjoying having Tanya here. Colin went off early to his second - no make that first!!! home so Tanya and I had a very lazy day today. We got up late, sat outside in pj's just chatting in the sunshine, went to the golf club for lunch with Colin - Spanish omelette and salad - very good it was too and then mooched about for the rest of the day. Tanya's ankle is very swollen and painful still from the trip we made up Montgo (local mountain that looks like an elephant) yesterday and walking over stony ground up there so she has requisitioned Colin's massage chair as her own for the duration - see yesterdays blog for photo.

Just a few piccies showing an orange from the tree to the person....

The oranges on this tree are huge and so sweet and from the last crop and as you can see the next crop will be forming soon with the blossom covering it. The window behind Tanya in the photo is her bedroom and the gorgeous smell of orange blossom wafts in.

"drink madam"

Tanya and Colin get on so well which is fantastic as they had never met before.
We have all laughed, pulled each others legs and generally had a fantastic time. We have played with the melt pot, Utee and Perfect pearls - well not Colin that bit!!!, shared ideas and views on life and lots of other topics, played bowling on the Wii and tonight Tanya and I watched the recording of Tim and Suze on QVC from earlier this year.

She has now retired to bed with Hot chocolate topped up with Baileys and I am going to do the same so
Bye for now Sue x


Monique said...

Nice pics. Great to see that Tanya is having fun. And thank god the weather got better.

Have a nice holiday Tanya.

From Holland.

greetings Monique

tanya watts said...

hi monique hihi!

i had a wonderful time with sue and colin :-)

home safe and sound no, ill post on my blog soon

gr tanya

crafty capers said...

Looks like you all had a fab time :-)

SueC said...

We did it was fantastic.
Sue x