Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Quick peek at tonight's project

Just a quick peek at what the girls will be having a go at tonight. For the last two weeks they have been learning about faces - the 3d ness of them. How eyes fit and where etc and drawn loads of sketches and talked over ideas for hair and backgrounds and so tonight we have canvas, we have paint and rubber stamps and inks and Stickles of course and all sorts of other bits and bobs. I explained the concept of mixed media to them and so they are eager to try. Can't wait - I want to do more myself so very self-indulgent reasons for choice!!

These two canvases are sketched out and ready for me to show the steps of adding paint and then other medium.

Just been handed a sausage bap by DH so will go and eat it and come back tonight to let you see finished?? artwork.

Bye Sue x

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tanya watts said...

nine more sleeps hihi!

cute dolls!
have some mixed media fun!!!
i have my scrapbooking workshop this evening.

hugs t