Friday, April 3, 2009

Weather - very confusing!

This one is for you Tanya

At the weekend last Sunday it rained and rained and rained all day and the next - grey skies - stay in bed snuggled up with a good book weather.

Tuesday 10am as I opened the shop I thought this is so cold I wouldn't be surprised if it snowed - you know that kind of bbrrrr!.....but... by midday the sun was out the sky was blue and I took my fleece off and drove home in a very happy mood. Don't know if you can buy these in M&S with the fleeces!!!!

Wednesday and yesterday were glorious - at long last the weather has broken customers said. Jumpers off and t-shirts on. All the washing done and dried outdoors mmm!- love the smell of freshly washed things.

Last night my good friend Ros came and played cards and we sat in the naya (Spanish conservatory) and when she left just after midnight - well nearer one actually!! it was raining again....and this morning I woke up to grey skies and rain.....again!!!!! GGGGRRRRRR!!!! just so bl...y fed up with it!

Anyway, rant over - got a shop to open and a class to teach so gotta go!
Bye for now
Sue x

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tanya watts said...

blood h*** i want SUN & WARMTH when i come over! haha! but i'll bring a wolly just to be on the safe side

here in belgium we had 22 °C yesterday and today! kids have been playing outside instead of watching tell! i love that!!!!

ah well Sue, even if it rains we will have a hell of a time!
xox t

hihi my word verification is "mistim' hihi seeing Ranger U is on now i do miss tim! :-)