Monday, April 6, 2009

Colin's Birthday - so no artwork this weekend

It was Colin's birthday on Saturday. I'd bought him a cake for when he came home from golf so I dashed in, couldn't find a candle so used a thingy instead and just made it before he got home and then later............. friend Ros came to play cards and brought some gooey sticky absolutely delicious 1000 calories a look chocolate cake!! Here's Colin and Ros not enjoying it at all!!!

Ros and her family (11 of us in total) went for a birthday meal Sunday lunchtime - bit chaotic so no photos got taken unfortunately - but the sun shone and the food was good.

Hence no artwork this weekend. Tanya is coming on Friday so hopefully loads of time to remedy this.

Bye for now Sue xx

1 comment:

tanya watts said...

we will play loads i'm sure! it'll be fun!
see ya Friday!!!