Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ggggrrr!!! Computers!!!!!

Computers may be wonderful but they are a bl...y nuisance when you need them and they don't work. We had a two hour electricity power cut yesterday and then the computer wouldn't work and so after over 24 hrs computerless Colin ended up taking it in to the repair place tonight. To cope with the withdrawal symptoms(how sad is that??) on his way back he popped into the shop to pick up my laptop.

I have some photos of last nights class where they made little houses - thanks Tanya for your hard work making the samples when you were here at Easter. Mind you, once you have made one they are just like crafting - very addictive!! I'll take photos of my mini town tomorrow and show them then...but for now here are some the kidz made last night. To decorate them they used Marvy Marker wet look pens with clear embossing powder and as three of them had never crafted before they were amazed at the heat embossing.

This is Melissa just before glueing her roof on...

and Yaa brought two friends who were staying here in Spain

here's Tiri with her gorgeous candy pink striped house

and her brother JJ the little cutie

Yaa's houses will be finished next week...

Well, its 10.30 ish at night and still so HOT!!!I think I will now go and have a skinny dip in the dark - skinny - who me?? I think not but will anyway!!! ha!ha!
Bye for now Sue

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