Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I am going to eat cake...

... at the birthday party of my friend's grandson this afternoon. He is two years old today. 2 years - where has the time gone. He is a beautiful little boy - a real boy who loves cars and boy things. This morning between customers I made an exploding box instead of a card - I know his mum Kerry will appreciate it! I'll take loads of photos and she/we can finish decorating it tomorrow.

I also made a necklace for my friend Norah who has just returned from over-wintering in the UK. She was absolutely delighted with it when she saw "Dear Norah" spelt how her name is spelt in the picture from Crafty Individuals complete with the hand of love charm. She pops into the shop most days when she is in Spain and I really miss her when she's not. She was my first ever student. She popped her head round the door when I first opened and said I'm not creative or arty but I need to make a 100th birthday card - do you think you could help me - I said pop in Friday morning - she did - she skipped out like a 5 year old with the 100th birthday card and another one she had made and hasn't looked back since - she has blossomed so beautifully and I am so proud of her. She has just made 52 Wedding invitations for her niece's wedding and they are absolutely so professional. If I can persuade her to lend the sample to me I will photograph it and put it on here.

Just time to have a quick look at the newspaper (yesterdays and not even opened!!) , a comb through the hair, an hour at the party then off to the shop for the older girls class - more of the faces - drawing, painting, etc and by 8.30 tonight I shall be just about ready for bed!!

Sue xx

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