Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A touch of intaglio

Fabulous class today - ladies who are good fun and lovely products to work with. We triple embossed slide mailers and flowers. Unfortunately, the lustre effect doesn't show up too well in the photos.

just look at these of Carole's - have a good trip back to the USA on Friday and hope to see you again soon

these are Christine's

and these are Erica's

and earring watch day 3 - little gold and tortoieshell numbers courtesy of M&S - I'll keep going till I run out of earrings or days!!!

Right, I'm off to the dentist - found a crunchy bit in a banana last week so think I may have lost a filling!!!

Bye for now


Cristina said...

I REALLY loved doing this project. Its so versatile. The morning class went very quickly and was over too soon. Of course, in spite of having one each of everything to prevent any squabbling, Erica and I still managed to lose "Amazing Grace", heat guns, stamps, powders and inks!!!! and were squabbling for each others!!! For once the only thing we didn't fight over was the scissors. But that was only because they weren't needed!!!! Thank you Sue for another good class. I will sorely miss my Tuesday mornings. xxx

thekathrynwheel said...

Looks like a great class. Nice earrings too! Aren't you good? I always forget to change mine!

Carole311 said...

I should have postponed my flight back to North Carolina one more day!! This looks like such a fun class. Better yet. . . I should move to Spain! Then I could "play" with you ladies every week!
Thanks, Sue, for such a fun time. Everyone at home loves my Egyptian folded card. . . .