Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ooooh I'm so full!!!

A group of us went for a meal last night at Corral del Pato - The Duck Farm - a fabulous place to go for a meal where there are no ducks but loads of cats!!

Carole, her husband Armand and daughter Carole Diane here on holiday from America came too. Carole D took photos of every course. I only took them of the puds!! and they tasted every bit as delicious as they looked. The owners brought one of each so we all got to taste them all - how good is that!!

There was apple cake, cheesecake, fig cake, chocolate cake - oh so creamy mmmmm! and even a pumpkin pie which was to die for... dribbling just thinking about it!!!

Anyway, enough of that - the real reason for the post was the photos CaroleD took on Wednesday when my camera battery failed. Here we all are displaying the Egyptian flap books we all made...

...and here we are again goofing about outside the shop afterwards.....

CaroleD, Carole, Erica, Christine, me

and this is the lovely Carole Diane who unbeknown to me has been reading my blog for some months now and who said how lovely it was to meet me in person - well CaroleD it was an absolute delight to meet you too and I know we will keep in touch. Have a safe journey home on Tuesday

Now don't forget to keep watching as there will be a nice surprise on here shortly.

so Bye for now

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Carole311 said...

Wasn't that a fabulous meal?? Dad had so much fun talking with Carmen. She really made the dinner extra tasty with ordering ALL of the appetizers and desserts. . .oh my!!. . . . and every time I look at my "cobalt blue water bottle" (nudge, nudge, wink, wink), perched on a nearby shelf, with the blooming Christmas cactus, it brings back fond memories. . . .