Saturday, October 24, 2009

very productive morning

Long one today...hadn't planned it to be - do we ever plan anything that goes on the just comes out on the screen like it comes out of my mouth.....say no more!!!!!ha!ha!

I had a really good and enjoyable morning.

Other blogs show journal pages that people pre-prepare to work on on their holidays or at a later date. I have never done this always making a page from start to finish in one go so I challenged myself to get out of my box and have a go and I am quite pleased with the results.

I started off quite tentatively..

...but soon became bolder....this was inspired by salad in a magazine article I was browsing at the Dr's earlier - had to have an injection in my b*m for Sciatica - it appeared suddenly on Tuesday - hurts worse than having babies believe me!!! and when I had exhausted all paracetamol, co-praxomol, naprosyn - a muscle relaxant Colin said - so why can't I remember Tuesday evening or night or my friend Ros' phone call!!! I finally booked an appointment and went yesterday. I have to go back for more jabs Monday and Wednesday but at least it has taken 90% of the pain away thank goodness. I was crawling the walls!!!

and with Halloween at the end of the week it seemed appropriate to make something for that

my last one was just a blue sky

I'll keep you updated how they progress.....

...can you see the salad inspiration on the table...

Meanwhile, Melissa was none too happy at missing next week's class where they would finish the journal they have been working on for some weeks. Her family are off to their native Germany for a half term holiday so I suggested to her Mum that she could let Melissa come in this morning as Saturday there are no classes and she is a lovely girl and such good company.

She almost finished her album - just a few finishing touches - more decoration and stick more photos in...she has some beautifully stamped, heat embossed and mica painted flowers and butterflies to add -

the front cover has 5 techniques on it...pity the shimmer doesn't show up in the photo...

these are both shimmery and shiny too...

these are matte finish for contrast...

...and these are shiny too,,,

Hope Carole Diane doesn't mind me copying her email to me onto here - it is a response to an email I sent to her after reading her website - - well worth a view for the lovely window treatments and cushions,etc she makes.

"Hi Carole
Just looked at your website and the beautiful window treatments, cushions, etc are just gorgeous. I clicked on every icon and read it all and the testimonials are right. They say what a delightful person you are, easy to work with and with a gentle personality - couldn't have summed you up better."

and her reply...

Hi Sue!

Thank you so much for your kind remarks. I've just finished downloading all 358 pics of my incredible trip to Spain. . . The craft class and dinner at the Duck Farm are a couple of my most memorable times. . .I'm so glad that I sat across from you and got to know you better. I'm sure that if I lived nearby, I'd be taking your classes and we'd become good friends. It's been so much fun reading your blog and now that I know some of the ladies, it's even more so! To say nothing of the giggles I get seeing Mom and me in the photos there. . . I'm going to send this email and go directly to Desire to Inspire and "sign up". . . I really hope that I can return to Spain some day. That area is so beautiful!

"See you on your Blog!"

Carole Diane

...and just in case you have forgotten this is the lovely Carole Diane 2nd left with her Mum Carole left.

...and this is The Duck Farm - it's a fabulous Spanish restaurant serving traditional Spanish food... where we had a very enjoyable evening with way too much food...

I will just finish with earring flourishes today

...if you are still with me and I haven't bored the pants off you I'm glad...

so Bye for now


tanya watts said...

crazy woman lol hope your pain eases i know all about living in pain! see you next week! so looking forward to your hubby's humor lol xxx

Carole311 said...

. . . . no, I don't mind a bit, you mentioning me in your blog. . what fun! . . .and I agree with Tanya Watts, Colin is a HOOT!!