Wednesday, October 7, 2009

snaps from Victoria's Wedding

My beautiful daughter Victoria in her ivory and amber Ian Stuart dress.

Well, after what seems like a 3 day party in the UK I actually feel back in the land of the living.

We flew to Gatwick from Alicante on Thursday and as soon as we reached Sandhurst I found the nearest M&S for some new undies. Can't beat good old M&S for your undies!! Victoria and her soon-to-be husband and youngest son Jon and his lovely girlfriend Jodie joined us and we had a meal in a local pub.

Next morning oldest son, Lee and his two gorgeous children, Abigail and Joshua flew in from Scotland and the party continued. Some, but not me, were needed for a rehearsal so I headed off to the nearest shops and found WH Smith where I picked up "The Really Bored at Work Doodle Book", a couple of Manga books and a couple of Laurel Burch journals. Extremely happy bunny,me!!

That evening Victoria and John had arranged a meal for Colin and me, Stephanie (John's Mum), Betty and Reg (John's Granny and her husband) and my Mum Clare in the hotel. Talk about fabulous - not only was the hotel listed but so was the wallpaper!! Posh eh!!!

How about these for puds eh!!

My Mum - all 6 stone 11 lbs of her- managed the WHOLE of this Sticky Toffee Pudding!!!

On Saturday morning Joshua was given instruction by Victoria on looking after the rings...

...and he took his duties very seriously...

Small bridesmaids Libby and Abigail ...

...and Bridesmaids - Katie, George and Gillian - how gorgeous are they all

Saturday was predicted to be heavy rain but we were very lucky and although the sun didn't shine (the photographer was pleased as it meant no squinting eyes in the photos) the rain didn't appear at all.
After the ceremony (which passed in a flash).....

there was the usual reception while the official photos were taken.....
and then back to the gorgeous Frimley Hall Hotel for more partying. After the first dance we boogied the night away...

...and were up bright and early to see the bride and groom off on their mini-moon to Iceland - the 100 denier tights and UG boots slightly different to yesterday. John has to be back on duty on Thursday hence the mini-moon!

NB Note the "HELP" on the driver's door!!!

(Sorry, nothing of me as I have been behind the camera lens but will show when the official ones come)

...and on Sunday flew back to Spain.


The last two days I have been to bed early (last night at 7 and at 8 on Monday) totally wiped out - However, all is not as bad as it might seem as this Friday and Monday coming are Fiestas which we have loads of here so from Thursday lunchtime until Tuesday morning with the exception of three hours on Saturday I can relax and do my own thing - be it sleep, journal, plan or what!!! Lovely jubbly!!!

so Bye for now

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