Thursday, October 22, 2009

Inky Fingers

I took Bailey to the shop today as he looked so sad when I went to leave the house. He has become used to someone being there since Mum arrived

but Colin and Mum have gone to the UK as Colin's Father who is 91 is in hospital and sadly it looks unlikely that he will come out. I will know more when Colin has spoken to the social worker tomorrow. Until about 4 months ago he was in his own home and managing reasonably well with carers going in but he has deteriorated very quickly - he did, however, manage to get to Victoria's wedding. Here he is with the lovely Jodie (Jon's girlfriend)

This morning I put the finishing touches to the project for Sunday's 25th class. The ladies have been asking about the Wendy Vecchi flowers that I made and so today I have made Alcoholic inked boxes - hence the Inky Fingers - to put chocolates or other pressies in for the table on Christmas Day. They look much prettier in real life - the camera hasn't captured the shimmer of the inks.

Here's a journal page I made yesterday but forgot to put on here.

I have to make my pages from scratch. Some people are able to colour pages and even add stamped and photographic images in advance but I can't seem to work out what colour a page should be without knowing what is going on it. Maybe, one day.

Last but not least today's earring watch - varying shades of amethyst.

Bye for now

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