Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tanya tagged me.....

Tanya tagged me.....I have to take a photo of me right here, right now as I am- no putting on make up, hair brushing or anything - just as!!! Grab Colin's new camera and away we go. Oh well I tried - never mind doesn't my bum look big in this - I hadn't realised how my nose has grown aaaaagghhh!!!!! and where have all those veins come from - think I'll have to go back to my own out of focus camera - I look so much better on there!!!!

Today is a fiesta (Spanish Father's Day ) so I thought I would just relax, do a little artwork for myself, take the dog for a leisurely walk etc but think I had better grab my make up bag and hairbrush before I go as I don't want to scare the locals ha!ha!

I now have to tag five others and challenge them to do the same so here goes:
Dyan, Kate, Suze, Sian and Jackie - hope you are up for it girls!

Last night I started the girls on drawing faces - to get them to really look at details of how eyes fit into the head and such like with the intention of them doing a self portrait picture next week and the week after. These are the two suziblu inspired atc's I made to give them an idea of what their finished work would look like only on a bigger scale. I have been drawing a lot of suziblu type atc's lately and I am really enjoying gettiing back to this type of art

These are the five steps I showed to the girls to get them started.

and these are five pictures I myself drew when I was at school so they would have been done in the 1960's. I found them when I was looking for something else and took them to show the girls. When you think how we agonise which products to use and on which surface - these were done on the type of paper that children were given with school type coloured pencils!!! those were the days!!

Anyway, enough reminiscences, off to walk the dog through the forest

Bye for now Sue xx

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tanya watts said...

great drawings!! really too cute! and from thz sixteis! makes them sooo vintage hihi!

thanks for the positive thoughtd for me today! and you waking up early to text me! you do realize you were the first person i phoned hihi! and oh! the other t(hing went well too!!! i now just need to decide yes or no hihi!

xox taking those 1000 miles!!!