Friday, March 13, 2009

the bakers dozen

On Wednesday I did a workshop making cards to cover any number of occasions we all come across during the course of a year - wedding, happy birthday, sympathy, etc and so we made cards. Some were what I call quick lick n stick and others were more involved using techniques including brayering, Distress inking over stamping and doodling. I cracked the whip and pushed and pushed and these were the results - happy ladies. I told them we were making 12 but there were 13 if you count!!ha!ha

The ladies were pictured on Wednesday with my out of focus camera??? so today I borrowed Colin's to take a photo of the samples. Out of focus or not there was lots of laughter and smiles

Muriel did manage to make most of them even though she is only displaying three and she even came to class this morning.

Chrissie popped in with some Weight Watchers magazines to try to kick start my efforts at losing weight. Think she's fighting a losing battle with me there but we can but try! Got to list all I eat and drink - she reckons I'm not eating enough - he!he! that sounds good to me!
The sun is shining, the sky is blue and I've finished work for the day - big smile - so I'm off to play some for myself now.
Bye Sue x

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