Friday, March 20, 2009

Whew! its warm today!!!

At the moment the weather is still unsure if its hot or not and so I erred on the side of caution and wore a jumper - whata mistaka to maka!!! whew! I'll probably wear a t-shirt tomorrow and freeze! ha!ha! At least my feet are happy. I only ever wear boots(winter) or flipflops(rest of the year) and the relief when my feet can breathe again is incredible. My boots (and I have quite a few pairs ) are very comfortable but oh joy! to feel the air on my toes - pure pleasure!

and what a lovely day I had in the shop today too. I was asked to show how to recreate the effect on this photoframe.

It is done with Distress inks polished with Ranger's foam applicators and then stippled over and through grungeboard flourishes. It's really good fun but very messy - hands get extremely mucky!!

These are the two cards I made

and these are the cards that Margaret (top two) and Muriel made.

andhere are Muriel and Margaret - when Margaret's husband came to reclaim her he very kindly took this photo of us. Bernard is a real sweetie and he makes the most lovely scrapbooks too. I will have to ask him to bring in the album he made of their Wedding - it's really beautiful - so I can take some photos of the pages to put on here. Bernard if you're reading this please remember next Friday or Margaret nudge him for me thanks

I am now off to check whether any of the ladies I tagged yesterday have taken the dare and put their "as you are" photos on their blogs - so bye for now

Sue xx

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