Tuesday, March 3, 2009

In a gloomy mood today...

I deliberately did a bright class this morning - stamping and painting onto grungeboard using mica powders - I just love these - such vibrant colours - as the weather is so horrid. Grey and rainy and some more!!!! I am so not a bad weather girl - I need warmth and sunshine and blue skies.

Despite the rain I was full of good intentions when I left the shop and brought home all sorts of bits to play with but... instead I snuggled on the sofa with a packet of Jaffa cakes and Bailey and watched trash TV. The vibrant colours on the screen contrasted with the grey from each of the three windows in the sitting room as the rain lashed down.

On a brighter note Bailey is going for his haircut tomorrow at 3pm so I will have Colin take before and after photos of him and post them tomorrow. His hair is ultra long as we cancelled last month's trim as it was still too cold to have short hair. He looks so cute and scruffy but tomorrow it will be a new dog who returns!

I've no pictures to show today as my camera is not playing the game and the scrapbook pages I've made are still lying in my craftroom. I tried laying them on the terracotta tiled floor, on the dark wood dining room table and on the pale checked spare room bed cover and all the photos were dreadful. I'll take them back to the shop and try there tomorrow.

Well, back to the TV with a nice warm mug of hot chocolate - the cure for all ills!!!
Bye, speak tomorrow
Sue x

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