Thursday, July 30, 2009


The son and grandchildren have gone! the Wedding stationery for daughter Victoria has gone! Colin has gone! ...and my energy has GONE! - departed, left and is well and truly missing!!!

Victoria was happy with the Wedding stationery - there were 134 Invitations, stamped front and inside, 70 Order of Service covers, 125 place settings and 125 reply postcards again all hand stamped.

Colin took the stationery to England on Tuesday. He also went to help my Mum with her house move scheduled for 7th August and to see what if anything else needs putting in place for his 91 yr old Father who has senile dementia and is still living alone in his own home. Colin is "really looking forward" - NOT! to the next couple of weeks...especially as he will not be playing any golf - withdrawal symptoms we understand only too well, don't we girls!!

Abigail and Josh are an absolute joy to have here...

... but now they are gone I am sooo tired! We speak every Thursday so I will be phoning them tonight. Must get Abigail (David Bailey watch out!) to take photos of the gorgeous album they made while they were here.

Abigail came to both the Monday and Wednesday craft clubs for the youngsters - here's Melissa, Abigail and Yaa hard at work.

Just noticed the time so must go - will blog more later as I only open the shop mornings on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

so Bye for now
Sue x

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