Monday, July 6, 2009

Houston, we have a problem!!!

Last week we had a problem with the computer breaking down and having to go to be repaired - that was Thursday - and so Colin brought the laptop from the shop. Well, wouldn't you know it - we came down Friday morning and that had decided not to work too!!! so on Saturday that went in for repair. We have the main computer back but it is still not right and has to go back again tomorrow so I will blog now while I still have the chance!!

Tonight's class was really good and Emily brought a friend, Sina who is visiting from Germany. The girls work so hard and considering their young age they do extremely well. We made a little book to store the atc's that we made last week.

Here they are all working hard... Well I had planned on showing the photos I took but "it"!!! will not let me so that will have to wait till "it" is finally mended.

so Bye for now (for who knows how long)

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