Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Gota fria - a tropical storm

The rain I mentioned last Thursday turned out to be a gota fria which literally means cloudburst and it rained and rained and rained for hours on end and in Javea we had 92cms in a sq metre compared to other towns such as nearby Denia which had 21 and Benissa which had 52 so you can see things got quite WET here!!! The last gota fria we had was in October 2007 and it caused great havoc - see Youtube for videos - many buildings were flooded, boats moored on the canal were swept out to sea and cars written off. This one was nowhere hear as severe. My shop is slightly higher than those on the other side of the road so I only had a dribble of water which I nevertheless had to mop up three times - last time some shops were knee deep in water and underground parking in apartment blocks had to have the water pumped out. So it has been quite a weekend here.

One absolutely fabulous thing arrived - I asked Dyan, she of Art fromn the Heart fame, to help me out with dark green cardstock for the wedding stationery I am making for my daughter who is getting married in October and look at what I found when it arrived. Isn't it so beautiful - I didn't want to unwrap it. The heart will go to my daughter in October.

220 stamped and heat embossed (pine needles and evergreen) images have to become 220 panels for the fronts of Invitations and Order of Service etc, and they are still not finished yet! That lot took 4 hours!!!and that was just the trimming and matting and layering - my lovely friend Norah and I had previously spent a whole morning making the panels, me stamping and sprinkling and she wielding the heat gun!!!

Well, life goes on rain or shine and I must go to the shop now so back later.
Bye for now Sue

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tanya watts said...

lots of work ahead of your mrs!!! glad you finally got ur cardstock, it has been a search lol

here in belgium life has been weird and making me want to yell and cry but i'm not! i'm actually still smiling!
kids are off to their dad for two weeks as from tomorrow so i will enjoy some peace and quiet and probably get bored lol

xox t