Thursday, July 9, 2009

Full house

Yes, last night was a full house for the class. I never know from one week to the next how many are coming and that's no problem - it was hectic but great fun. They made the litle books that house atc's and a couple of them even made a few atc's.

Yaa and Molly

Melissa, Tiri, Justin and JJ







It started to rain last night which for holidaymakers was probably not good but for the rest of us it was great. It has been soooo HOT here lately and the refreshing relief of rain feels so good. Mind you, there is a rumble of thunder in the air too so Bailey is keeping very close. I might have to take him with me to the shop as he is not one for loud noises. The window beside me is wide open and the breeze coming through is wonderful.

Uh!oh! Just noticed the time so have to go. Bye for now Sue

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