Sunday, August 2, 2009


Yes, everything is missing! My energy, my inspiration..... I seem to be brain dead at the moment! I have just had everything I could wish for - a weekend free of commitments and what have I done with it??? nothing, that's what! For the past few weeks I have been so busy and really wished for some time for me to do my own thing .....and here I am at bedtime on Sunday and I have achieved NOTHING! Maybe, that's what my body really needed - a complete break to refresh itself, after all it is 28 degrees on waking and going to bed and mid to high 30's the rest of the day and it does make you feel pretty lethargic but I had so many plans - aaaggghhh!

I did have a lovely lunch of Caesar salad with my friend Christine and a good old chat - I'll take a photo of us I said

I'll try again...

third time lucky I hope

yes that's better!
and afterwards we mooched around the clothes and shoe shops. Such a treat for me. I found a lovely French Connection top for my daughter Victoria and Christine bought a gorgeous skirt so two happy bunnies. We are going for lunch again on Tuesday after which we are hitting more shoe shops to try to get me a pair of shoes for Victoria's wedding in October.

Well, I am now off to bed - tomorrow morning I have to prepare for the younger kidz class tomorrow evening and adult class Tuesday morning. At this very moment I have no idea what we will be doing - maybe I will wake up fully restored LOL! Watch this space! ha!ha!

so Bye for now

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