Wednesday, November 18, 2009

my 15 minute challenge

If you read about any Zentangle type doodles you will find most say a time limit of 15 minutes - I thought this was impossible and so today I set myself a challenge. I pencilled in the shapes of 3 atc's in my journal and gave myself exactly 15 minutes to complete each one. I finished one just on time and went on to do the other two in 15 minutes too. I am amazed that it was possible. They are nowhere near as detailed as my others or as large (others are 8 x 5 inches) but they are OK. They all started off with a thick line (the tangle) going from top to bottom with a loop part way down and a curved line from one side to the other but they have all finished up very differently. (Kirsti you could try this idea. Don't fret what they look like - just stop after 15 minutes and see how far you have got in the time. You will see that you get faster and more confident with each doodle.)

After leaving the shop I had a wonderful catch-up coffee with two of my girlfriends - Lorraine and Chrissie - which lasted for just under 3 hours!!! yes, we met before two and when we left it was quarter to five..... I went straight back to the shop to get ready for tonight's class.
The girls were just great with newbie Maddie settling right in. We have started on a canvas as I thought it would make a nice Christmas present but when I showed the girls the sample they seemed to think they wouldn't want to part with it once they had made it. We gessoed - see Alice's hands - Alcohol inked, stamped and dabbered and laughed loads.

Yaa has the flu and we send you big hugs and hope you are feeling better very soon.

Right, I am having an early night - no more doodling or it will be another after midnight and my body just can't take the punishment of all these late nights any more

so Bye for now

ps Kirsti, if you email me on I will tell you where to look.


thekathrynwheel said...

Loving your zetti doodles :-)

Kirsti said...

Love todays ones - will give that a try but am of to bed now to try and make sense of The Time Travellers Wife... it's very confusing...x

tanya watts said...

haaa nice you are doing the canvas for Xmas! is a good idea. i just finished two as birth gifts :)
right off to pick bart up! his van just broke down pffff tarrah xxx

Kirsti said...

Just posted a zentangle piece... very pleased with it for a first attempt...x