Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Just a sneak peek at a tag book I have made for an art exchange that Tanya has tagged me for. It is not yet finished. It will be winging its way to Arizona when it is.

Now on to tonight's class. The girls all needed a birthday card for a Christmas birthday so that's what we made


Yaa (with Emily, Melissa's sister peeping over her shoulder)


Colin has been in the UK for a week now and is likely to be there for at least another week and it is so quiet here on my own. I know I have the dog and cat here but it isn't the same as having someone to talk to. I think I am feeling sorry for myself which is so unfair as there are so many people who are alone through no fault of theirs and I have no reason to feel as I do, I can only blame it on the medication and pain. To take my mind off my really non-problems I am going to settle with a hot chocolate and my journal and see what arrives on the page.

so Bye for now


thekathrynwheel said...

Your classes look like fun! I'm very interested by the full shop shelves in the background too......I need another trip to Spain to rummage through your shelves! Hope you feel better soon :-)

kirsticoo said...

Oh that's a shame Sue.. My husband is on the other side of the world in Australia just now and even tho I have four kids all at home I feel lonely and down quite a lot of the time when he is away...

Thank you for the lovely gift - it came in the post today...lots of lovely embellishments and bits and pieces...ope you feel better soon...x

JANAR said...

Hi Sue,
I am sorry that you are still on your own, but at least he will be there for Xmas.
I will be down again soon as love to look at all your stuff.

Hope you get well soon.
Love Janet xx