Sunday, November 8, 2009

Quiet weekend with just the dog and cat

Friday morning wasn't quite the same without Mu who is in hospital having her broken finger set. I told the ladies and they all sent their love and hope you are better soon Mu and that the op goes well.

It was a morning full of farce, aaagggghhh's and laughter - with me asking Emma what the Spanish was for bitch and her assuring me that I really didn't want to know!!! Thanks Emma for the voice of reason in a mad world!
We started making exploding boxes and I completely forgot to take photos so sorry Margaret, Emma, Q and Monica - will do better next time.

The weekend is going to be so quiet - Colin and my Mum went to the UK on Wednesday as sadly Colin's Father died. He is now with Colin's Mother as he wished so RIP both. Colin has a funeral to arrange and a house to clear and sell - his Father was 91 so a load of stuff to sort through. Loads of photos to scrapbook though.

Tanya and Bart left on Friday and I have just received a text from them saying they are home safe. Long, long drive - a fabulous visit but over much too soon. They are both so easy to like and have a good time with.

With Tanya's help, advice and guidance ( she knows that I mean bossy!!!) ha!ha! we made a plethora - like that - a big word - of projects for later this year and next. I just have to get the photos for the canvases and then they will be on here. I need to find out how to get the photos off the computer to teke them to the Kodak shop to be printed.

I also bought an i-pod for Colin as a Chrissie pressie - I chose the silver one - but then thought I might like to keep it for myself! Bart and Tanya tried to download some music onto it but to no avail so I had to return it and change it on Friday after they had gone so I now have a working i-pod but no idea how to get music onto it - knew I should have chosen the lime green one all along!

Right, I am off to do some arty-crafty stuff as I have the day and the dog and cat all to myself so

Bye for now


thekathrynwheel said...

Ah, all the best to your hubby. A sad time.....

thekathrynwheel said...

P.S. Thanks for your interpretation of my dream, I think you are quite close to the truth! I rarely dream and I never analyse them so I appreciate your input :-)

tanya watts said...

who are you calling bossy???? me???? i have no idea what you are talking about!!! wohahaha! xox