Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wooden house

WooHoo!!! I finished a project in just two days....
I decided I was going to do something other than a project for classes and I have had a blank wooden house in my craft room for quite some time so yesterday I painted it with Pebble Dabber and stamped a few images onto card and tissue to play around with.
Today I went to the shop half an hour early, assessed the bits from yesterday and then Distressed and Dabbered and Stickled between customers, went home late for lunch (a Crunchie ice cream - well its too hot to eat!) left the house early on the pretence of having to buy a new clip to put my hair up and dashed back to the shop. Did some more, helped the Wednesday youngsters with assorted projects - catch up day for them - and then having told Colin I would be home for dinner about 9ish - well it was 9ish - well 10.30ish really! So that's it then....the black flourishes are painted on the wall and not part of the house... just look at the mess I created making it...but worth it I think.
Well its now 23.34 and it is still sooo HOT I think I might skinny dip before going to bed so
Bye for now


Olga said...

Such a great project! I like the style & details. :-* from Russia!

Dan said...

What a wonderful project Sue! :)

Lesley Edmonds said...

Stunning house!

Unknown said...

The house is wonderful!

love dawn xx