Sunday, July 11, 2010

even more unfinished projects...

As usual so many projects started and unfinished over the last couple of weeks but here are two I have finished.
One is a brag album of baby Louie for my good friend Lorraine's first grandchild and a canvas for Jaz, Louie's mum and Lorraine's daughter.
Saturday morning was ...well wow! Ten children turned up to class and we started a summer holiday album which will be finished next week so mine will be finished then too!!Yesterday afternoon after the class Colin, Tanya and I drove to Valencia, a lovely city - below is the basilica and cathedral - well worth a visit if you are in the area. It took us an hour to do the audio tour of the cathedral.
Colin and Tanya get on really well - they share the same sense of humour
this morning we relaxed in the pool again and again
Bob, a holistic masseur has just arrived to give Tanya a massage so
Bye for now

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