Thursday, July 15, 2010

Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies...

Awarded myself a bit of journalling time in my busy morning today and had great fun painting, spraying, and doodling another couple of pages in my almost full moleskine - not to worry though I have more - some clean and fresh and some already started. I always like to have several on the go for when different moods strike.
(the images are from Lisa's altered art)

Tanya went back to Belgium yesterday - Colin took her to the airport so no more dramas there!
It was lovely having her here and having some girlie time with cocktails and loads of playtime so I am now looking forward to my visit to her in September.
I have some photos of the classes she took while she was here but Blogger is now so difficult - having to load photos from the bottom up - that I will have to put her photos on my next post.

Another 10 came to class last night....couldn't have had that many lovely people in my old shop so the move was a good one definitely...Almundena with her finished album..... and Itsiar and Sonia with theirs...

They popped into the shop this morning to bind their albums as they were too wet last night and Almudena and Itsiar return to Madrid till next July on Saturday. It is so lovely that I am having lots of Spanish girls come to class.

Mind you, the girls and boys include Spanish, German, Russian/Canadian, Irish/Venezualan, Columbian, and English of course - so a real league of Nations.

Absulutely shattered with this continuous 40 degree heat so now off for a dip in the pool and then off to bed to read my book so

Bye for now


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