Tuesday, July 27, 2010

another busy day...

.....in paradise.

This morning between 10am and 2pm

I washed 32 very dirty blending foam pads
made a card
made a scrapbook page
checked around the shop for missing items of stock
wrote out orders for several suppliers
de-glued a couple of tables used by the kids last night
and served a lot of customers.

Then lunch in one of the bars behind the shop followed by a 20 minute trip to the nearby shopping centre at Ondara where I bought a new unit to hopefully organise the classroom - then back to the shop to assemble it, home, feed the dogs and cat, get the washing off the line, sort and fold it, grab a bowl of cereals as can't be bothered to make tea, check e-mails, dig out 5 credit notes which I keep forgetting to use!!! water the plants - ask Colin why I have so many - load today's photos onto computer and then blog.....and it's now 23.43 - aaagghh!!!! where did the day go?????

On Saturday evening at friends Maggie and John's barbecue, Maggie who is a very talented quilter, showed me some of her beautiful quilts saying one in particular was a favourite of hers.
It was blue and brown with shabby edges (deliberate) so I made this card as a thank you. I distressed the edges of the brown squares with my Tim's distresser tool and also the lollipop flower. I have been doing a lot more doodling lately so thought I would add some to a scrapbook page for a change and am quite pleased with the way it turned out.....and yesterday I had the back windows etched so that people know what the shop is and what we do and sell. Almost three months after moving here we are still getting people in thinking we are new.
The back windows over look two bar/cafes - the shop door is only onto the main road - so we have been getting people peering in while waiting for their coffees or egg and chips.
I still feel wide awake but I have another long day tomorrow with a big kids class between 5.30 and 7.30 and you always have to be one step ahead of them so better go to bed so
Bye for now


thekathrynwheel said...

Just reading about your busy day made me feel tired! The shop window looks fab - can't wait to see it for real. We'll be coming over two weeks on Saturday - is that the 14th? - and staying for two weeks. Woop woop! Hope to see you :-)

tanya watts said...

oh i'm so glad that window is done!!! it has turned out just as i thought it would! just like the one we saw in valencia! glad you are so busy! keeps you young :))