Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hot, Hot, Hot...

Here at last is my July 365 day challenge page.

Its HOT here and the page reflects that. It has been painted, sprayed, stencilled, stamped. distressed, doodled and ticketed.

It was done a few days ago but Tanya and I have been having such a great time lazing around reading - well falling asleep a lot, swimming - well no that's too strenuous so lying chatting in the pool, playing with inks, paints and other messy stuff and there's so little time - her holiday is half over already.
Tanya is such a WUSS!!!!! its only a henna tattoo after all!!!

While the tattoo dried Tanya had sex on the beach..... and I had a brandy and Sprite...Cheers!

We are having a great time. More tomorrow.
Well, we are going to play cards so
Bye for now

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