Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Very grateful for the help...

Tanya asked could she bring me anything and I said no just yourself so while she was here she kindly made these three projects for me to use in classes....... to free me up to complete some of my unfinished projects!!! which I managed - gasp! and I will show them on here as soon as I have photographed them.....
and this is the Marie Antoinette painting Tanya made for me while she was staying here. Isn't she beautiful?
You can't see the real beauty in the photograph - the colours really glow
She also taught a couple of classes - a grunge house album which I am not allowed to show as she hasn't taught it yet in Belgium and a Utee class which was great fun and which I was so engrossed in I forgot to take photos.
On to this weeks classes of mine....
Alice,Becky,Almudena,Celine,Melissa,Beni,Marta,Mario,Itsiar,Sonia last Wednesday
Friday came and went without me taking photos, although the ladies enjoyed the ad hoc class taught by a very spaced out me - well four weeks worth of visitors in this heat does tend to have that effect - melted brain in an empty head!
Mario,Marta,Blaithin,Mariella,Yaa,Elena,Melissa on Saturday Anja,Darcy,Dayana,Sarah,Alicia last nightHave started working on more projects today - well I can't have too many finished ones now can I !!!
Bye for now

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