Tuesday, January 5, 2010

late night...but worth it!!!

Q asked if I could show them what to do with friendly plastic and so last night I was up working until 1.15 trying to finish these four atc's for next week's classes. I didn't need to stay up but I just kept thinking I'll just finish this bit... and this bit ...and before I knew it time had flown and I was even too tired to take photos...but after another busy morning in the shop they are now photographed and ready.

I keep looking at the bottom two and thinking they need something else but for now they can lay on my craft table until it hits me what's missing. The bottom one unfortunately doesn't show the lovely shimmer of the mica powders.

and here's my 365 day calendar challenge up to date - click on the Kathryn wheel blog on the sidebar if you don't know what this is.

I have the day off tomorrow (only reopened the shop yesterday after a two week break) but it's the Spanish three Kings fiesta when all the Spanish children get their presents...how sad is that as its the day before they go back to school!

Bye for now


Linda Elbourne said...

The friendly plastic looks great ... well worth the late night ... I don't wanna poke me ore in or nothing but I think the 3rd one is finished to perfection and the bottom one just needs a word :0) You can ignore me if you like :0)
Happy New Year hun X

kirsticoo said...

We didn't even et back to school today Sue and won't be tomorrow either - completely snowed out... fed up of it now... ATCs look great...x