Wednesday, January 20, 2010

girls, girls, girls...

These are the friendly plastic pieces I acquired from the lovely Liz Welch which I promised to photograph. They are even more beautiful in real life - lustrous and sparkly.

The girls have all been iris folding this week...

On Monday the younger girls


and Louisa made balloon cards.

and tonight

Melissa...made a basket and balloons..... and brought in a marble cake she and her sister Emily had made for us all to share at break - it was delicious - so light - thank you girls...

Yaa...made a basket and completed her album (from months ago!!)

and newby Maria made a basket and a dress.

Well done girls.

I haven't done anything arty for myself this week - everybody aaahhhh! get the hankies out!!! apart from filling in my 365 calendar which I will photograph at the weekend. I have been busy making samples for classes. There is an adult box and a card both for Valentine's day which are almost finished. Story of my life really - so many unfinished projects - so little time.

I was looking at Linda Elbourne's blog when I got home and she takes part in a what's on your workdesk on Wednesday - I daren't show you my worktable - it's groaning under the weight!!! There is a half completed scrapbook page, a gessoed but unpainted canvas, the aforementioned half completed card and box, a part completed mini album for another class, a shrink plastic project at the prototype stage - need I go as you can imagine with so much on there it is hard to actually do any work but tomorrow afternoon I have told Colin and Mum I am going to put up a "DO NOT DISTURB" sign and try to achieve at least one finished piece of work.

It is almost midnight and I am going to bed
Bye for now

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patcrafts said...

I have just found your blog through Linda Elbourne's blog. I am very envious you are living in Spain and I am married to a Spaniard and have to live in horrible DEWSBURY W. Yorks. The good thing about it is I get to go to Art From The Heart (Dyan's Harrogate) on a regular basis.