Saturday, January 2, 2010

Calendar Challenge

I had decided on a theme of going round in circles (story of my life) and had my stamps all out and ready to go for the Calendar Challenge when I thought I would check out some of the others who were taking part and lo and behold Kate had used the same stamp on her January pages so back to the drawing board and I have now gone with "time" as it is something I never seem to have enough of whatever time of day or year!! I do seem to have gone a bit overboard on the stamping though.

I Googled "what colour is January" and it said garnet for the birthstone but..... that didn't feel right as red is so Christmassy and the sky was blue and the sun was shining... so I decided I would let the days dictate the colours. I have hit a snag straightaway as today I am tidying my craftroom.....what colour is that??? We will probably be back to RED if you've seen the state of my new craftroom!!! I have commandeered the bedroom we use as a study and it has had all sorts of craft stuff dumped in there - if I can find what I need I am going to attach the new samples to the display boards - New Year fresh samples and all that.

The other thing that is new is our new dog...she is one of Bailey's pups and Di her owner has had to go back to the UK and had no success in finding a new owner for her so I said we would have her - we didn't really need another dog as we already have one and a cat but she was going into the dog's home so here she is - the soon to be renamed Kitty - Colin and daughter Victoria say calling "here kitty" to call a dog is daft. Aren't they both gorgeous.

Bailey and Kitty

Bye for now
Sue x


kirsticoo said...

Wow Sue, your calendar pages look great...x

thekathrynwheel said...

Oooh I just saw this on Flickr. It's really different , I like it very much :-) Lovely puppy too! Kate x

Traceyr said...

Oh wow I love all the doodling going on on your pages. They look really great. :)