Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ice??? here in Spain...

Today was Three Kings (Spanish equivalent of Christmas) and so I spent the laziest of days blog-hopping and have seen more white photos on UK blogs than I care to contemplate...I feel for those of you who have to battle every day with the British weather - why is snow always so unexpected?

My grandchildren live in Dunfermline and when I speak to them it always seems to be cold or raining or windy - its a wonder anyone is healthy there - I suppose all that cold doesn't give the germs a chance!!!

Anyone that knows me knows I don't do cold and having endured snow and slush and ice in the UK over Christmas knows that living here I have thrown away my blue badge and my fibromyalgia has eased enough for me to work, walk my dogs, and just enjoy life.
I miss M&S and WH Smith's but little else.

this is my ice photo taken today at lunchtime in 18 degrees

I sincerely hope the weather warms up there - I know log fires are romantic but when you have to battle to get to work, the kids to school (that's if they're open) and with transport in general in the UK romance doesn't always seem a top priority.

Stay warm
Sue x


thekathrynwheel said...

Oh, the photo of the sunshine looks lovely. Wish I was there.... -8 again here and the weather forecasters are predicting it will get colder! Yikes! Love the journal pages - you do monochrome really well :-)

Linda Elbourne said...

Right that's it ... I have packed me bag ... will be there soon :0)