Monday, May 18, 2009

Quick and easy but quality

Some of my ladies have been asking for quick and easy but quality Christmas cards and so here are the ones I made this morning. A couple of Paper Artsy stamps, red card and three shades of green and a dab of Stickles and voila!! 25th June taken care of.
NB - from Jume to November the 25th of the month in my shop is Christmas card making.

I have started to make matchboxes with tags inside for the 25th July but they are not quite finished. I will show those in a few days.

Tonight, the younger girls completed their paintings. I had done this class with the older girls and wasn't sure whether to give it a try with the younger ones but they mastered highlights and shadows so well. I am so pleased with them as they are only 9and 7 years of age. They have done a brilliant job. Well done girls.

Even though it is just gone 8pm it is still 25 degrees - thank goodness for air con in the shop. The sun is shining in the window and the birds are singing still.
I am now off to watch a bit of TV, have some dinner and kick off my shoes - well flip flops and relax!
Bye for now

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