Monday, May 11, 2009

Workshop project...

... for later in the year. Yes, due to Tanya's pushing and prodding I am not only up to date with all my work but also have almost all the samples made for the July to December workshops so thank you my friend for those bruises!!!

Here are the two sample exploding boxes I made using Distress inks and Crafty Individual images and Paper Artsy stamps.

I still have one more little house to make and a piece of jewellery to finish off and then I'm done.....but then I have 125 invitations and all the associated reply cards, name places, table plan, etc involved in daughter Victoria's wedding in October and needed for July.

Well. I'm off to bed to read a bit more of Twilight book 3 in the hope of banishing all those crafty ideas from whizzing around my head. That's my trouble, I make the samples for the class or workshop and then have another idea and so the night before end up making new samples. I really must stop making life more difficult for myself than needs be!!

Night, night, sleep tight
Sue x


tanya watts said...

hihi! bruises? no!!! well maybe but you see it did the trick!
you can put your projects in the window with dates and prices and let people start signing up with an small advance payment to ensure their spot! :-) okay i'm at it again...

lovely boxes!

are you liking the twilight books? wait till you get to the last one!!!
xox t

maddy hill said...

Beautiful exploding boxes !