Friday, May 22, 2009

Concussion of the mouth!!!

I wasn't able to park outside the shop this morning and wouldn't you know it but it was the day I had oodles to unload!!! Having taken the demo stuff in I went to bring in the supermarket bags - you know, water, teabags, biccies, etc and with both hands full fell backwards trying to balance on an uneven kerb and close the car door!!! I wasn't hurt - my back was just covered in loose tarmac chippings - but I think they thought I spoke English as a second or even third language as I wasn't able to get a sentence out straight!!! Talk about Concussion of the mouth!!!

Fortunately, I had already made all the pieces to demonstrate the techniques. I had taken the Melt Pot into the shop along with some Utee, some Memory glass and frames and so with fingers pointing and weird words, they got the gist of what they were to make and so I left the ladies to play while I put the kettle on.

These are Margaret's...

...and Muriel's pieces. They both loved the faux agates.

Norah was feeling the effects of a couple of strong Ibuprofen for her back and so didn't feel able to handle the Melt pot and luckily I also had on hand some Nunn design frames and embellishments so she was able to get a similar effect using Diamond Glaze.

When I tried to get a photo of them suggesting they look as if they were working they had a fit of the giggles.

Having spent the afternoon laying quietly in a darkened room - ha!ha! I wish!!! - washing brought in and ironing done - yes, that's more like - I thought I would raise my head carefully and whilst sipping lightly sweetened herbal tea allow you to laugh - not too loudly mind - at my morning!!!

Bye for now
Sue x

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tanya watts said...

hope you are feeling better now! what a morning!! and i had the crappiest perfect day evvvaaaaa! i'll tell you about it once i get my feeling more under controle!
take care! andi love all the pieces you all made! say hgi to norah for me